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How I work(ed)

Like most people who spend part of their working life writing code, I’m quite obsessive about the tools I use. Programming requires a complex mix of activities, some of which require detailed thought and creativity, and some of which are … Continue reading

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Call for papers: 2nd Workshop on Programming Language Evolution

Programming languages tend to evolve in response to user needs, hardware advances, and research developments. Language evolution artefacts may include new compilers and interpreters or new language standards. Evolving programming languages is however challenging at various levels. Firstly, the impact … Continue reading

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Fixing soccer with computational thinking

#ChampionsLeague This game with Liverpool is not for the colour blind, they are all wearing the same colour to me and I don't know which one — I haven't (@witchesvictim) September 16, 2014 This isn’t the first time I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Unit testing tips: diffing PDF files

How do you unit test a piece of code that generates a PDF file? There are a number of interesting answers to this question around the web, including some neat ideas such as: Use something like PIL to convert the PDF … Continue reading

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New features I would love to see in writeLaTeX

UPDATE: Since I wrote this post writeLaTeX has added Rich Commenting and BibTeX imports from cloud services. writeLaTeX is my new favourite thing. If you haven’t heard of it, writeLaTeX is an online service for writing collaborative LaTeX documents. Think of it like Google docs … Continue reading

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Europython 2014 talk on message passing concurrency and Python

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Research diaries and lab notes

The idea of keeping a diary fills me with dread. It conjurers up distant memories of receiving leather-bound paper diaries from well-meaning relatives at Christmas and the crushing obligation to write something, anything every single day, when actually nothing very interesting was going … Continue reading

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Scala – just good for Java shops?

Scala talk given at the inaugural Thames Valley Functional Programming Meet-Up. Scala – just good for Java shops? from Sarah Mount

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Mining Python Software

Mining python-software-pyconuk13 from Sarah Mount

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Automate, automate, automate

I’ve recently been working on a new Python project, which started off as a bit of an experiment at the recent PyPy London Sprint. Working on a brand new repository is always nice, a blank slate and a chance to … Continue reading

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